What motors use poppy?

We are from spain and we are doing a proyect to school, and we dont now what type of motors we can use. If someone can help and put a link with the good motors can help we. Thanks


currently, Poppy creatures are using motors from the Robotis Korean company.
For the high-end creatures like Poppy, we use:

They are very good, but nevertheless quite expensive. For schools, projects using only one arm of the Poppy humanoid could be done, costing about 1000 thousand euros for motors and 3D printing.

Some people in the community are researching how to use alternative cheaper solutions, e.g. see the topic:

We are also going soon to develop new low-cost creatures based on Robotis XL-320 motors:

Thank you very much!! your help served us much!

Hi, I’m new in poppy… I have discovered just now :smiley:

May be an alternative to the dynamixel servos, to use openservo (it’s a open project that using standard servos, they give the intelligence to the servo)…

I think it could be a “opener” alternative… (and cheaper)

It’s possible to buy openservo pcb already done (but you should install in the servo).

Please, look at this project! do you think it could be interesting? and do you think it could be possible to use it in your project?

Thanks in advance and regards

I @ubanov and welcome to the poppy community.

Indeed open-servo is a really good project. If you are interrested in servo customization I advise you to look at the supermodified project. For me this is the best RC servo customization project…

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You can have a look at the following topics:

supermodified servo controls cost about 55€… 55*18=990€. Not an option for me.

I have been trying to buy openservo controllers, but I haven’t found any site to buy it. May be openservo it’s semi death?!?!


You know, robotic is still a domain under strong development, the technology is not ready and there is no market so no scale yet. You cannot ask for nearly-free servomotor…
If the supermodified are sold this price, it’s because people behind this project cannot do it for less…

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