What is the password for using the poppy humanoid image

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I am a newby for using poppy. I downloaded, unzipped and flashed the image 2018-06-20_poppy-humanoid_xu4.img.zip into a MicroSD card from:

The Ubuntu Mate was launched on the Odroid. However, I was asked for the password for all the user options (odroid, poppy, etc.). I tried but could not figure out the password, which could not be found in the Poppy homepages. I’d be grateful if anyone could help on providing the password.

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Hi everyone.
I actually have the same issue as Michael, but with the torso image.

I flashed the 2018 torso OS (I tried both mmc and SD card, to use with an odroid XU4). Then tried to access to the web navigation page (may I do that without any thing actually connected to the odroid, for “proof of concept” ?) which failed both on macOS (mojave) and windows (10, after installing bonjour services).

I then tried to ‘enter’ the OS directly by connecting keyboard / mouse and screen to the odroid. It seems that poppy is not a valid password both for poppy and odroid user, the same goes for the odroid user name (I used the screen keyboard to make sure that the qwerty/azerty layout doesn’t interfere in the operation).

Does anyone have a hint on how to proceed ?

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It’s strange, by default it’s user:root and password:odroid or user:poppy and password:poppy

I agree.
I tried again a few minutes ago, on an odroid XU4.
I downloaded the OS archive here : https://github.com/poppy-project/poppy-torso/releases
Unarchived it on a mac OS (Mojave) and flashed a 16 GB SD card (using dd on the terminal).
I used the virtual keyboard of ubuntu mate, tryed poppy:poppy, odroid:odroid, root:odroid
(both using the username available from the menu and selecting “other”) however none of those worked…

Does anybody experienced the same or had any success with this archive ?

@Pierre, @Generation_Robots_VM have you any ideas ?

Ideally, I think I’d be useful that one would actually download the image that is available now, flash a disk and check if it works with an odroid XU4 (i.e. if the password works).
-> If it works, then I’ll know for sure there’s something off in the way I follow the procedure.

Another option for me is to follow a different installation procedure…