Vrep customization

hi everybody!

i’m new on robotics and i want to know how change the tools of the ergo jr on vrep, i ask here because i not found much information respect the project, if someone have the manuals or sites with the information i’ll be really thankfull.

Do you want to use a pre-made tool, or a custom one ?
There is multiple pre-made vrep scenes for the poppy-ergo-jr package. You can load a specify one if you specify the name. For example:

from pypot.creatures import PoppyErgoJr
robot = PoppyErgoJr(simulator='vrep', scene='poppy_ergo_jr_holder.ttt')

If you want to modify the scene, you can modify it in V-REP (cf V-REP documentation), export it in .ttt and load it with the code above to reuse it.