Torso interacting with objects in V-REP

Here is a tutorial about the interaction of Poppy Torso with objects in the V-REP simulator.

The Pypot library allows you to pop objects of different shapes (cuboids, spheroids, cylinders, cones) in the simulation, that your Torso robot will be able to interact with.
At any time you can get and set the position and orientation of each object in your scene from Python.

Here is a preview:


Is the poppy_torso model directly derivated from the poppy humanoid because I have some issues with the V-REP model and these issues look like the one I had before updated the poppy humanoid V-REP model ? (non-consistent joint)

Is it a good idea to have a different “zero position” for poppy-torso and poppy humanoid (for arms) because behaviors develop on poppy Torso won’t work on the bust of poppy humanoid.

Edit 1 :
Can’t find the meshes of poppy torso. I assume they should be the same as poppy humanoid except for base_.stl

Edit 2 :
Ok meshes in the dev branch :wink: