Support for Ergo Jr with NVIDIA Jetson Nano


I am attempting to build a Ergo Jr with a Jetson Nano instead of a Raspberry Pi. Could someone describe to me how I can go about doing this? Is using ROS and not doing the Poppy software installation the right way to go about this?

Any help is much appreciated!



Hey @vantony,

I don’t know much the Jetson nano, but as long as you can run pip install poppy-ergo-jr on your machine, that should work!

See here for the install and then here for programming with it.

The only difficulty with your project will be the motor connection. Poppy Ergo Jr uses a custom electronic board (the Pixl) to plug the motors, but you won’t be able to connect the motors on the Jetson. There are several options:

  1. You use a FTDI (I think the U2D2 can do the job)
  2. You keep the Raspberry Pi and the Pixl board to connect to the motor and use the REST API to communicate with it from the Jetson Nano

Please let us know, it sounds very interesting!