Selling my dynamixel servos from my old poppy project and other items


I have a bunch of Dynamixels (barely used) and many other electronics and accessories.

14 MX28AT
5 MX64AT
2 MX106 (with coupling bridge and cable)
4 AX-12A
5 SMPS2Dynamixel
2 6 port Dynamixel power hubs
1 USB2Dynamixel
2 FR08-H101K set
1 Phidgets Spacial
1 Arduino Uno
1 Arduino Duo
1 Odroid XU4
1 Edimax Nanu USB Wifi Adapter
1 DC DC Voltage step up/down regulator
1 Ultrasound sensor
1 Solar charge controller
1 Box of electronics cable
2 x 200pc assorted screw sets
25+ Dynamixel cables of various lengths

Photo of the items are here below. All are either lightly used or never been used (FYI Mx106 has never been used, only mounted to test its dimensions).

Note that the photo has a few dynamxels missing, but I have them they just were not available at the time of taking the photo. And they are in the same condition as what you see.

All items are out of their original boxes and I am willing to sell them at a small fraction of the price. I would be happy with a 1,500$ offer inclusive of shipping.

Please make me an offer for everything, I am willing to sell everything for a fraction of their price. I have abandoned my robotics project, so my loss is your gain!

I live in Dubai, but I can ship to anywhere in the world using DHL or FEDEX.

Très belle ensemble !Mais pour 1500 euro on na un robot poppy bi pède
Fournie avec la total !Je ne dit pas que votre matériel est movais ni cher !
Mais pour une t’elle somme sa laisse a réfléchir !
Mois par abitude je récuper de tous gratis !Le seule ic ses de tous frabriqué a la main !Servo modulable moteur inerciel !
Bonne vente a vous.

Pardon un robot poppy !

Hello! I’m very interested in buying yoir servos! and perhaps some more.

Thank you


Thanks for your interest. I will PM you my contact details perhaps we can talk on Watsapp?

Hi Tom, please let me know if you haven’t received my private message. Thanks

Sorry y’all. I have sold these items already for 1,750$.

Malheureusement non!

Un robot Poppy humanoïde coûte entre 6 et 10 000€ !

Un seul MX64 neuf coûte 300€…