Raspberry Pi 3 + screen for poppy humanoid/torso

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on adding some new features on the Poppy Humanoid. I will talk about it later in another post :wink:

For now, I want to share with you the integration of the Raspberry Pi 3 with a screen. I have done a documentation that explains how to install pypot for a Poppy Humanoid that you can find here. It must work for the Poppy Torso (I did not try it yet for the Torso), by replacing all the “poppy-humanoid” by “poppy-torso”.

Moreover, I have integrated a 4 inch WaveShare screen. I know that a mangascreen has already been integrated, but this one is hard to obtain. The configuration to use this screen is also in the documentation.

I hope this documentation to install Pypot and Poppy-humanoid on a RPi3 will help you ! And I’m open if there is something that I did wrong or if you think we can add some other stuff :slight_smile:

I will make soon some ready-to-use .img using these configurations.

Damien D.
Generation Robots

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Edit : you can find the image of Poppy Humanoid for Raspberry Pi here ! :wink:

With this version, you can use a “normal” poppy humanoid as you can use one with the screen.
The code of Poppy GRR is already in, you can also use it.

Hi Damien,
I’d like to integrate a WaveShare screen in my Poppy Torso, and I saw that you’ve integrated a 4 inches screen.
I know that Poppy’s head was originally designed for the Manga Screen, which is a 4.3 inches screen.

The WaveShare screen exists in both 4" and 4"3 sizes, so I’m not sure which one I should buy.
Do you think the 4"3 screen would fit Poppy’s head? Or maybe the HDMI port location would be problematic?
Is it visible that your screen doesn’t fit perfectly Poppy’s head?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Hi, actually I modified all the head of Poppy, and I directly plug the waveshare screen on the Raspberry GPIO. Some 3D parts of the head are modified so that there is no spaces between the screen and the 3D parts, as you can see below.

If you are interested in, you can ask us, we supply all the pieces (3D parts, electronics…) and the SD card with the image on it.

I did not try with the 4"3 screen so I do not know if it perfectly fits in the normal head, but you can try if you prefer! But there were the problem of the HDMI cable that is big to fit in the head.

Let me know. If you prefer the version we have developed, please send me a private message.

Thanks for this feedback.
I will discuss about the possible solutions with my team, and will come back to you if necessary.

Hi Damien,

I’d also like to integrate a screen in my Poppy Humanoid.

As far as I know, the mangascreen isn’t available anymore, so I’d choose a 4" or 4"3 Waveshare Screen as you did.

Unfortunately the link for the documentation in your first post is expired.

Could you please provide a new one?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Stulli, I am working on this topic with the Bachelor Students at ENSAM Bordeaux, France.
Last year, the sutdents have made a first version of a new Poppy head with a screen, using a 5" TFT LCD MIDDAS screen (available at Farnell for example). The goal was also to make the design of the simpler so it can be modified by (nearly) anyone :wink:

This year the students are working on a smaller screen (800x400 4"3 Capacitive Touch Display 800×480 https://www.waveshare.com/product/raspberry-pi/displays/lcd-oled/4.3inch-dsi-lcd.htm) compatible with the RPi DSI Interface, but the job will not be delivered until March 2021…

If you want to try the previous release, I have made it available (STL files, slides of the design, URL for components…) at github here : https://github.com/poppy-project/Poppy-minimal-head-design/releases/tag/v2.0-alpha

Enjoy !