Quick test for the webcam


How can I test my USB webcam before screwing everything ? I pluggued it to my computer (Ubuntu 1.14), it is seen but but recognized as a camera as far as I know, but that’s probably a driver issue.

Is there any script already done to test it directly from the Odroid board ?

On your x86 GNU/Linux computer (Ubuntu 14.4?) as on your odroid, you can test camera with cheese program. You just need to have a screen plug on the computer to see the cheese window.
If you have some issues, look at dmesg (type dmesg|tail if you don’t want all previous inputs) to see if driver is well loaded and camera recognized.
The driver used is uvcvideo, and it was plug and play on every GNU/Linux and OSX distribution we tested.

Its works now. Thanks for your quick reply.

you have also “guvcview” and you can control lot of webcam parameter

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