Projet Transform X Modular Robot

Je fais partie d’un projet étudiant,
Nous souhaitons contribuer à la communauté poppy en partageant notre projet :
C’est un robot capable de “ramper” et capable de prendre une forme “araignée” (il peut prendre plusieurs formes)
Il est composé de 12 servomoteurs XL320

Nous avons aussi créé une interface permettant d’apprendre au robot des mouvements par mimétisme.
Vous pouvez voir des vidéos du robot ici:

Les déplacements suivants ont été créés grâce à la fonctionnalité de “programmation mimétique visuelle” expliquée dans la vidéo précédente:

Robot qui rampe:

Monte une marche :

Le github :

I am part of a student project,
We wish to contribute to the community by sharing our poppy project:
This is a robot that can “crawl” and is able to form a “spider” (it can take many forms)
It is composed of 12 actuators XL320

We also created an interface to learn the robot’s movement by imitation.
You can see the robot’s video here:

The following moves have been created using the functionality of “visual programming” that we can see in the first video:


Climbing a step :

Github :


hi @ouphi,
Welcome to the Poppy community!
Do you use something from our sources (mechanics, electronics, pypot…)?

welcome here ! very nice project! it reminds me some animation sessions :slight_smile:
I am interested in a screenshot of your interface.

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that’s nice!
maybe some more details on the way you connect to your XL320 and i’ll have a look at your github … when there will be someting in it :wink:

Really cool project! I’ll gladly help if you need anything for integrating in the Poppy system!

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Hi @Nicolas
We use pypot to control XL320 motors and we use the .stl files of the ergo poppy JR.

Hello :slight_smile:,
Sorry, I updated the Github
You can find the configuration file : monrobot.json

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Thank you :grin:
Here you can find my screenshot (we are trying to improve the interface)

Thank you :slight_smile:

We would be pleased to integrate the project in the Poppy System and we would like to know how to do it.

what did you use to interact physically with dynamixel motors?
USB2AX ? usb2dynamixel ?

We used USB2AX
Thank you for your questions, now I know I have to post more informations about the project :slight_smile:
I will try to post a documentation soon :grin:

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The first thing to do is to setup a repo organised sa the other poppy robots. You can have a look at the one from Ergo Jr for instance. The idea is to have a hardware folder and a software folder where you have a few python modules to define your creature. Basically a folder named as your robot with a script (like this one) where you define your creature.

And that’s pretty much it. I think it would be useful that I create a “template” for creating a new creature!


Thank you for you answer :slight_smile: , we will try to do it soon

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Can we directly create a repository in the poppy-project github : ?
Or is any checking require before we post the project ?

Pouvons-nous directement créer un directory de notre projet sur le poppy-project github ? Ou avons nous besoin de faire valider le repository avant de le poster ?

I think the easiest and best solution is that you directly create your project on your own github repository. It’s free you just have to create an account.

This way, you keep the ownership of your work and the credits! On our side you simply add a short description of the project on the unified documentation and add links to your repository.

What do you said?