Printing issue: detail falls down!

Hello, we are a team printing Poppy with Wanhao Duplicator 4 using PLA.

We have a trouble when printing tall details such as forearms:

  • in the first 5-6 centimetres, everything goes well.
  • Later, extruder starts to damage printed surface touching it
  • Then extruder move the detail and it falls down

We tried to change parameters of the printer: feedrate, temperature of extruder and layer height, but it did not help.

On this screenshot there are parameters of one case:

Did you have the same problem and if yes, how did you solve it? We assume that the problem is in fault that accumulates with time. Can you advise something?

Hello Messier101

The issues you are having are classic build quality problems that affect all DIY 3D printer builds, I have built three 3D printers to date, An original RepRap Darwin & two Prusa derivatives, I had all these sorts of problems (and still do with some prints) I would suggest that looking at the overall quality of print you are getting your 3D printer is going to need a little work before you will achieve success (but I am sure you will) I discovered that software is king when it comes to 3D printing so try updating your software/firmware to the latest versions (backup all software and firmware first you don’t want to break your printer in the process) I was amazed to find a huge change in print quality (and speed) when I upgraded my firmware and driving software (I currently use SFACT with Pronterface on a Prusa mendel and I am due an update myself) secondly calibration is absolutely critical try downloading some calibration prints from Thingiverse and seeing if you can print them if not follow the calibration guides for your particular printer until you can (I promise you wont regret it) Correct calibration of your printer will make a massive difference to overall quality and eliminate most if not all of these sorts of problems, Other things to be aware of is making sure there are no draughts, All FDM 3D printing are very susceptible to the slightest draught which will ruin the print and open window is a no no, Close them all and vacate the area if you are printing in ABS as the fumes are poisonous, When the print is done (successfully we hope) come back in switch off and allow to cool (very) slowly (do not rush the cooling it will warp the print.) when it is all over you can open the window and ventilate the fumes.
you could also try re-orientating the part so it prints on its side, for this part it would need a lot of support (wasted plastic) but you might get a much more successful print.

Good luck cant wait to see the followup photos :smile:

I will be joining the fray soon with my own Poppy build :smile:

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I think it’s a gcode problem. Slicer works differently depends which one you have.
Try to print with another slicer or another 3d printer. It should be better.
As eat808 said, don’t hesitate to update your firmware, recalibrate, play with the speed and the z offset.

Hope it will be helpful. :grinning: