Poppy with raspberry pi2 and servomotor SG90


I wanted to know if it was possible to create a poppy card with raspberry and SG90 actuators with pypot program and the simulation program vrep

What do you have in mind when you say a “Poppy Card” ?

what I meant was it is possible to realize a poppy with raspberry because the project is defined with U3 ODROID card

yes you can use a raspberrypi 2 for Poppy we have some other robot with this in our lab. But the raspberrypi 2 borad is not mechanically integrated into the Poppy humanoid head’s.

I do not think you can build a Humanoid with these actuators…

you advise me what servomotor other than dynamixel

that is why you have chosen the ODROID card.
you have to test the card for other humanoid realization

There are several discussions here:

But only Dynamixel will work…

I dont think SG90 servos would be anywhere near strong enough. But heres a version usinf LX-16A servos which are much less expensive.