Poppy Humanoid URDF

I found a Poppy beta urdf here Poppy in Gazebot and V-REP

Is this URDF still valid or are there changes for Poppy Humanoid V1 ?

Is someone working on forward/inverse kinematics right now ?

the Humanoid URDF is here:

many thanks Matthieu :wink:

For inverse kinematic, I have seen this :

This algorythm use the law of cosinus and pythagore theorem.

@juju It’s impossible to use these method for more than 3 DOF, there is often no analytic solution. You have to use for example Denavit Hartenberg method.

@Manon Nobody works seriously on an IK model of poppy in flowers lab. I began last week to work with ros and openrave for generating an ik solution C++ code with ikfast module (I think it’s also your goal), but I had troubles with my exported collada file of poppy humanoid. I’ll keep you in touch if I’m going forward in that.

@Juju thanks but this in mainly a pedagogical example.

@Theo I will try to get something with pyKDL http://eris.liralab.it/wiki/KDL-simple

I will keep you posted with my progress too.