Poppy GRR - a move player application

Hi everyone !

I’m developing an app in Generation Robots to save moves for each part of Poppy (head, spine, arms, legs), assemble them to create a move on the all Poppy body, create exercices and play them (play, pause, stop). Its name : Poppy Generation Robots Replayer.

The app works with a server (LAMP, WAMP…) and a user interface (web).

Why a new one to control motion ? Because there is not yet an app to save moves by manipulating only a part of Poppy, to assemble them, to do modifications, to create exercices (concatenation) and to play them, all by using a web user interface. And then, the app will be completed with other features to make it more ergonomic, and i.e. to make Poppy talk.

It will be useful for projects like making Poppy dancing or demonstrating movements (rehabilitation, sport coach…). Moreover, I find important to allow people to record moves part by part, because a person, alone, can’t easily manipulate all the body of Poppy. For all these reasons, I developed Poppy GRR.

You can find the app here. There is a documentation to explain how to install it and how to use it (in french). I will try to translate it in english asap.

Hope it will help or inspire you ! Don’t hesitate if you have some comments, I’m still developing it.

Generation Robots

[EDIT] For the French speaking people, there’s an article describing the app here ! :wink:


I really love the concept! Nice to see new development around Poppy, could you post a video showing a demo?

Yes, here is a very simple demo of the app.

I first save a move on a part 1 (left arm), then on a part 2 (right arm), then I combine both of them and play them again. One thing to know is the protocol of saving : during the save, I can move the part as I want. When I’ve finished the move, I just have to stop the move for about 2 seconds and the save automatically stops.

You can then imagine all the possibilites on all the body (sport, dancing…) :wink:

You can see the web interface of Poppy GRR on this picture :

It’s possible to activate each part of the robot, to create movements and exercices, and to play them. There’s nothing to program !

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Hi all,

I’ve edited the first post to add a link.

There’s an article for the French speaking people describing the app here.

Actually, this app has been developped for a project : KERAAL. It consists in developping an application on a humanoid robot so that it will become an assistant/coach for the physiotherapists’ patients.

If some of you are interested by the app (or just by the project), feel free to give me your feedbacks or thoughts ! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

here are some of my work, following the same KERAAL project. I want to share some stuff about hardware modification.

In the following video, you can see eyes and sound. For the sound, it uses gTTS.

You can find the libraries on github for the voice and the eyes :wink:

Then, you can see the wrists of the robot in which I added 2 dof, using 2 XL320.

For the mechanics, the red printed parts are the modified parts to integrate the motors. For the movement, I used Poppy GRR, the app I’ve already presented. The robot configuration has now 3 parts/controllers : the upper_body, the lower_boddy and the hands.

To finish with the wrists, I used XL320 so that the motors are small and aesthetically well-integrated. it is perfect for moving, but not adapted when carrying things. This version of the wrists is perfect for my project (KERAAL) since I only have to show movement with the robot.

I hope it will inspire some of you :grin: