Poppy Ergo Jr Gripper

Hello everyone!

I’m doing a internship in Inria Chile with the ergo-jr. Specifically, I focused on taking objects with the gripper, for this I used the OpenCV aruco library, which allows for a relatively simple pose estimation (calibrating the camera and knowing the size of the markers).

Also I test the urdf models for gripper but they didn’t work well so i use the lamp’s urdf but modified the configuration, passive motors and tip position.

I have been following some code line guides from pypot and poppy-ergo-jr proyects and i created primitives to follow a marker and go with the gripper, another to get a marker object with the gripper and then drop in other position indicated by a marker. Since I am working with an external library, create an extra sensor to follow the pypot style.

Finally, it would be very rewarding to be able to integrate it into the official project but I had some problems using the precompiled version of opencv with the contrib modules in the conda repository I put a [problem] (https://github.com/poppy-project/pypot/issues/275) in the wrong place, but if someone knows the answer, I will be very grateful.

The links to the repositories are the following:

poppy-ergo-jr: Here there are 3 different branches, tag_follower, gripper and tag_follower_gripper. Tag_follower works well with lamp and pencil also.