Poppy at Soft Shake 2015

Poppy etait au salon SoftShake à Genève. Très bonne présentation de Stéphane, tout y est : l’open source, la communauté, les projets…

Poppy was at the Soft-shake 2015 in Geneva. Very goog speech by Stéphane who showed all the different ways you can use and contribute to the Poppy project.

Très bon accueil, les projets robotiques libres sont finalement assez rares, le rendez-vous est pris pour une présentation encore plus large en 2016 (avec des ateliers sur une journée complète).

Very good feelings for all the members of the meeting. To be continued in 2016 with an enlarged collaboration.


Here are the slides :smile: (pdf format)
Softshake -25m- poppy histoire et communaute V2.1 - Light size -.pdf (2.9 MB)

Photos of the Julien Jhel presententation/workshop :smile:

Stephane Ribas Poppy Version using his daughter shoes :slight_smile:

An exemple of Teacher Lesson using Poppy - Vrep.

Our teacher : Julien ! You can also recognised Jannick Laval (looking at his laptop) who contributes on robotic, human social science and … Pratch (sort of scratch using Pharo langage and that can be connected to Poppy and V-REP).

Video coming soon :slight_smile: