Poppy at PyconFR - Presentation & Code Sprint

Dear all,

Here is a short resume of our presentation of the poppy project at the Pycon conference. This conference gathers all the fans of the Python langage.

We meet many scientists, programmers, oss community contributors, robotic scientist, etc.

The web site is : http://www.pycon.fr/2014/

We have been welcomed by Francoise Conil from Université Lyon 1, CNRS, LIRIS ( http://liris.cnrs.fr ) . We would like to thanks her for the organisation of the conference, she took the time to welcome us, to help us, took pictures, big thanks to françoise !!!

We thanks also the people who participated to the code sprint. Big thanks also to the PyconFR organizers :smile:

The conference
On the 25th of October, Clement Moulin-Frier (Inria Flowers Team) with Patrick Guillaud (Inria D2T team) presented the poppy project, and made a focus on the python libraries pypot & explauto. Many quesitons and interests for the project !

The code sprint
On the 27th, Pierre Rouanet (Inria Flowers Team, author the the Pypot lib), Clement Moulin-Frier (Explauto lib), Stéphane Ribas (Inria D2T team) and Patrick Guillaud were present to drive a code sprint on Poppy.

6 people participated in the programmation of the robot.

We started to install the different tools and libs. We followed the tutorials available directly from the poppy forum. We checked using very simple programs that the software part was working fine :smile:

Next, we started to connect some Ergo Robots to the computers of the participants. They started to program them… oopps they discover that sometimes the ergo robot could hurt when doing strong circle mouvements!!! aie!!

We connected also a leap motion to the computer of the participant. They played with their hands (in the air) to control the ergo robots.

Finally, we installed the V-REP simulator, the participants loaded the poppy robot. They installed correctly the V-REP program and played within the simulator !! Youahh!!!

Finally, we demonstrated how to play with the real poppy :smile:

It was a very nice conference where we meet people (fablab, university) interested in using Poppy, we are happy as they left the conference with all the tools on their computer: they can play now !


Next conference ?
Open World Forum.

I will publish soon a post about it.

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Hi everyone,

The slides of my presentation at PyconFr about the Poppy Project are now online here: http://clement-moulin-frier.github.io/pycon_presentation/talk (press ‘f’ for fullscreen view and use the arrows to navigate).

The framework I used is reveal.js. The sources are available on my github (warning : use the branch ‘web’).

Don’t hesitate to use it, or to fork it if you want to translate it in English (should be easy, not a lot of text).

Hello Clement,
I love your presentation! I am going to fork it for our presentation in switzerland, EPFL :smile:
I hope everything is fine for you in spain.
Talk to you soon

By the way, I also use reveals.js but if I want to create my own text, I nedd to write it into a text editor… nobody knows a good WYSIWYG for reveals.js and that works on a desktop ? I don’t want to create my slides on the “reveal” website as I can’t export my data after…

Help ! I need a IDE for creating my HTML5/reveal.js presentation :wink:

Thank you @ribas :smile:

Regarding a WYSIWIG editor for reveal.js I am not aware that something exist except their own editor. It seems there is a free version with 250Mo online but I never tried it.

I would recommend:

  • either editing it using a text editor if you are comfortable with HTML/CSS (the main file is talk/index.html),
  • or use the text, images and video links in index.html and paste them into the presentation software you usually use.

(regarding talking together about the future I will be in Grenoble in mid-December, quite busy there but we will try to have a beer or two anyway :wink:


I found https://github.com/piatra/kreator.js , you can edit offline your presentation but you can’t upload images yet.

I am going to check the code and see if I could create on top of it new functions (importing images).

Anyhow, for the moment, I update the presentation you did using ATOM :slight_smile:

I switch in French as the following link will be in this language.

Ça vaut ce que ça vaut mais la vidéo de la présentation à la Pycon est maintenant disponible en ligne.
Il y a encore un petit problème d’intégration des slides sur la partie droite de leur page web, je suis en train de voir avec qu’eux pour régler ça (mais comme quoi utiliser une techno web pour faire des slides ne marche pas forcément bien sur … le web). Comme dit le présentateur : euuuuuuuuuh


Super le format de la video/page !!