PHIRO the Lego Compatible Educational Robot

Hi Guys

We have created Phiro, a smart LEGOⓇ compatible programmable robot designed for kids & young people.

With Phiro, kids can Learn to Code in 5 easy & fun ways !

We have created two robots powered by Arduino on an Atmel MCU.

Phiro Unplugged for kids ages 4 to 8.

Kids can learn to code & program the robot without a computer!

Phiro Unplugged is a great robotic tool to learn Sequential Programming and fundamentals of Binary Coding.

Phiro Pro for young people ages 9 to 18.

Phiro Pro engages young people at the next level by stimulating coding concepts using free open-source programming languages.

Program Phiro Pro, in bluetooth mode, with a computer, tablet or smartphone connected wirelessly to Scratch 2.0 (MIT, USA), Snap4Arduino (UC Berkeley/Citilab, Spain), Pocket Code mobile apps (Graz University of Technology, Austria). Connect to a community on-line enabling collaboration, sharing & learning. Phiro Pro also has all the capabilities of Phiro Unplugged.

Both robots come fully assembled and are ready to learn from & play with, right out of the box.

Watch YouTube demo video’s

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