Introducing U-Robot

Hi everyone, :smile:

My name’s Abel Rodríguez and I work for the company U-Robot. We’re from Mexico City and we’re very interested in the Poppy Project.

U-Robot is a distributor of mechanical, electronics and robotics material and equipment, developer of robotics and automation products and prototypes, educationally and industrially. Since we knew about Poppy and what you do, we liked participate.

One of the main products we distribute is the servomotor Herkulex of Dongbu Robot. As you know, these servos are a very interesting option for using in place of the Dinamixel servos you use for the project. I encourage you to compare Dinamixel with Herkulex. We reached the conclusion that they’re a better option in any aspect; in the moment I’ll make a post of this in the correct section of the forum. :wink:

Our main purpose is to develop a prototype of Poppy but using Herkulex servos replacing the Dinamixel servos, and to take this prototype to expos, robotics competitions, schools, etc. This will be with the aim of developing robotics in our country, giving the opportunity to young students to make their first contact with robots and make them feel interested in it, inspire them.

Also we’d like to participate entirely in the project directly with you, with other prototypes you would have in progress for example. We’ve read the terms of the open source license and if you have any comments about it, we’d listen with pleasure. :blush:

Right now I’m the head of the project in U-Robot, leading the development of a prototype of Poppy here in Mexico. We began the project adapting the structure of Poppy to Herkulex servos, I will post our progress as soon as possible for you to comment and give opinions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to do it! :grin:

Speaking personally, the work you’ve done with this project and the other ones you are developing is amazing.

My email is, and this is our webpage “”.

Abel Rodríguez.


Welcome to the poppy community :wink:!

Your project sound’s good, thank’s to share it with us! In deed, Herkulex are really interresting and we never try it! @Red_Stark117 this motors have a “compliant” mode?

Hi @Nicolas! :smiley:

Yes of course, once they have a defined position and they are moved from it, they recover that original position. Also they “learn” a position set by the user. Just like the Dynamixel does, doesn’t it?

I’ll post a comparative table I made with both servos, of course in the correct category.


Heres another solution using LX-16A servos that I just started working on