New version of Snap! is incompatible with Poppy blocks

Hi, this sounds like a bad new, and so far, this is one ;(
The 4.1 version of Snap! requires https… and the python server provided by the RPI of the Ergo is in http. (@Theo will explain this better than me)
So if you have the habit to work with the online version of Snap! (for instance to be able to store all your projects in the Snap! cloud), it doesn’t work anymore. Your projects won’t communicate with the robot, you will have to open them, export them, and import them in the local Snap! of your robot.
It will be a huge mess with my students in a few days. :sob:

But, think positive :

  1. I changed all the Poppy blocks (I added an “http://” before every REST address used by the blocks)
    They can be found here
    I works with Chrome, only if you allow it to load insecure scripts :
  • you click on the Host block
  • it doesn’t work but a shield appears at the right of the address bar
  • you click on the shield, allow insecure scripts
  • the project reloads (…)
  • connection is ok
  • you can work with your robot and store projects in your cloud
  1. This workaround will last as a snowball in hell : I’m sure @Theo is already working on an upgrade with a new https server in the robot :wink: , and everything will be fine !

Stay in touch !

Edit : here is the xml file poppyblocks_snap4.1.xml (85.7 KB)

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Good work! but… there was a lighter method :wink:

in the init-block add http:// before the robot name
poppy-hanoi script pic
and inside the bloc (right clic on a block → edit)

basic bloks poppy script pic
basic bloks poppy script pic (1)

@Theo is looking for another solution to load “insecure” scripts

of course !!!

thanks @tibo, you made my day.

And if you didn’t know it yet, I’m more courageous than smart :wink: