Could not connect to Snap!Cloud

It seems impossible to connect to the Snap!Cloud with the Snap! embedded in PoppyErgoJr :

It’s a pity because a lot of my pupils use that cloud to save their projects…
Is there an easy way to fix this issue ?

The URL of Snap which can connect to Snap Cloud are whitelisted, so it is not possible to connect from you Ergo Jr (source). And as the Snap Cloud is close source we cannot host it ourself for our robots…

However, you can use the official Snap! and import the xml file of the Poppy Blocks of the robot (be sure to change the host variable to correspond to your robot hostname).
You can also directly use this address (if the Snap API is started on the robot): and with this URL the host variable will be the one of your robot.


I guess it should also work with
(which could be a single link given to my pupils on my website, for instance)

But this way pupils will have to change manually the host variable… and understand that two Snap! are open, but only one must be used. Maybe confusing ! (or brain challenging, one could say)

I’ll let you know what I do, but last week they were so disappointed no to be able to log in, I really have to do something :wink:

Thanks again for your answer.

Thanks helped me with the same problem for sure :slight_smile: