Making Poppy into an animatronic

So my daughter and I built a full size “animatronic” using PVC as the body and 20kg-60kg servos. The weight ended wearing out the servos but it was functional. This lead us to the idea of a half sized animatronic and that’s how we found Poppy! We are currently altering it to take 20kg servos which if can handle full sized bot using heavy PVC it can definitely handle this half sized light PLA.
I am currently working on converting the servos with a box I built. Seen below. I am not going to cut the tabs or remove the bottom. Instead I am going to alter Poppy’s frame. That way when I release it, it will super easy and cheap for everyone. The 20kg servos are around $11 a piece. NOTE: I am not trying to make it walk. We are making an Animatronic band that will have be on a stand so the legs will move but not support.