AAA looking for poppy for rent/loan/sale

Hi everybody,

Sorry if I post this in the wrong category, but I have not found anything like this topic.

We are a research collective of the University of Genoa. We focuse on parametric design and HRI. We are considering to use Poppy for an experimental workshop about such topics.

Due to the one-time use of the robot that we should do, we are wondering if anyone in this great nerd community would be interested in renting/loaning or even selling us his Poppy for a good price. We will work just on a re-design of the 3Dprinted components, so we will not affect the servos and other electronic components.

Of course we are also open to cooperate with anyone interested in joining our project.

We will need a Poppy ASAP.

Thank you all for the help and looking forward to start being part of this community.

Francesco, Annapaola, Xavier

Dear Francesco, when is your workshop? I’m building a modified version of the poppy with MX64AT motors in the legs. I’m open for collaborations oriented to experiments.

Dear Vittorio,

I’m guessing we could chat in Italian but I prefer to speak English in case someone else on the forum is interested in joining the project.

Our workshop will take place during the Maker Faire 2019 in Rome (18-20 October). It will be focused on letting users design their own Poppy by choosing different designs for every component; these will be generated with a parametric 3d model.

As I’ve said, we are mainly interested in the appearance of the robot, so servos and other electronic components will be used just to have one working Poppy that we can show to users.

If you are interested or if you want more details, we can keep in touch by email (

Thank you for the interest,

Unfortunately for October I won’t be able to help we will be still working with the robot.
I hope you find one.