How can I order this poppy hardware?

hello, could u tell me, how can I order this poppy hardware?
For purpose of student laboratory I’d like to order this set for our university in Germany.

We are currently working with distributors to simplify the process of getting all hardware components.

It is not yet ready, meanwhile you can contact directly @JLaplace.

Poppy Humanoid robot (with 3D printed parts)

less than 9K EUR

And :

Poppy Humanoid robot (without 3D structural parts)
less than 6K EUR

Now I am wondering about the reference computing embedded hardware ? RPI has been mentionned and odroid-? serveral time and I’d like to boot other systems too …

Poppy-humanoid officially support odroid board (because it integrated directly into his head) you can use RPI too but is not so integrated than the odroid.

We use RPI for other creatures like poppy ergo Jr