Gantry & Optitrack

Hello Flower team !

A gantry is a must have to experiment balance et walk behaviors.

For my school futur works & projects I would like to get a gantry and a motion capture solution just like the Optitrack kit.
I saw a picture probably taken in the Flower labs for a @Steve scientific paper, and your set looks very cool :

-> Would it be possible to have the references of equipment and where/how to get it ?
-> Can you give us details about the use ? Does it take time to run a motion capture ?

Thanks a lot !

I guess the Optitrack kit is a V120 trio (quite expensive) but I only found info on the official website and the price is in $ (3000$). So how to get it in France ?

And can you tell me what components/kit did you choose for the gantry ?
Why don’t you have put wheels under it so that Poppy could (not tomorrow) walk and be followed by it ?
Do you think it would be wise to add some ?
Maybe we could add a folder in the poppy hardware repository for the gantry.

Yes it is an Optitrack trio (I don’t remember the exact reference).
I think there is a reseller in France, maybe “Immersion” ? @Pierre?
For the gantry it is a very quick and dirty hand made one from standard extruded aluminium parts we found lying around in the lab…
Why not add some wheels? In our experiment we just did not need them, but it could be done quite easily.

Ok thanks … Dirty hand made ? Well that’s just the best I imagined for this purpose : clean and easily transformable

Yes exactly: