Ergo Jr - Can not run script from the rpi


I’m having trouble trying to run a script from the rpi in the Ergo Jr, i start a script with miniconda/bin/python2.7, import pypot.creatures and then when i try to create a instance of the robot poppy = PoppyErgoJ() i get the error:
“device disconnected or multiple access on port?” (i even try to run a script connecting a monitor, mouse and keyboard, without a ethernet connection but the same error appears)

I can run scripts from a web browser, but not from the rpi, i think it can be a problem with server or something related.
Any of you with this problem?

hi @paula75 and @ShaneP,

If you have a real robot (not a simuleted version) and if you want instanced your robot in python code, you must do it in a terminal of the robot (or via the webbrower interface) but not that of your pc, because all softwares are install in your robot, not in your pc.

for open a terminal on a robot, followed this guideline and run your script

Also, if you want to start your robot without picam, you must add the parameter ‘camera=“dummy”’ like:

poppy = PoppyErgoJr(camera='dummy')