Do not forget to print the "Connector HN07-N101_FR05-S101" part

Continuing the discussion from Poppy project at La cité des sciences et de l’industrie:

@robotzone3, @tdasse On the picture you tweeted with the 3D printed parts of Poppy, it seems the 2 Connector HN07-N101_FR05-S101 are missing:

Did you print it or is it an oversight?

More info about this part:

For an unknown reason, the robotis MX-64 part FR05-S101 is not compatible with MX-28 part… so a beta tester designed the Connector HN07-N101_FR05-S101 which permits the linkage between the hip_y MX64 motor with the hip_z MX28 motor (see the motor naming convention). This part has to be 3D printed as specified in the bill of material.

If you do not print it, you will have to modify the robotis FR05-S101 part by adding holes to be compatible with the MX28 horn. You can do it with a CNC or a drill press. It something we did with our Poppy but it is an ugly hack and it can lead to problem as we experimented during the artist residency:

Yes we did print connectors (one red and the one i forgot will be printed with our own 3D printer and will be white), but they were not on the photo…

Another question : GrabCAD link to poppy STL files is not available anymore. Did i miss a change in files location?

Yes we just closed our grabcad Workbench repository.
See this topic for more information: