Connecting RPi3 with Macbook

Hi All,
I am having trouble connecting my RPi3 with my Macbook Pro. I have downloaded the OS onto an SD card, connected the board to the laptop via ethernet cable, but when I go to poppy.local/ I get “the site can’t be reached”. Anyone know of how to figure this part out? I’ve gotten new ethernet cables and reflashed the OS onto the card.

Hello @B0bbi3B,

Could you try typing http:// before poppy.local? I mean the following: http://poppy.local
If it does not help, do you manage to ping poppy.local in a terminal?
Does the green LED of your Raspberry PI flicker several dozen of seconds when the robot is booting?

Hi Yoan,
I’ve managed to communicate with the RPi3, was using the poppy OS from 2017. I’m now using the latest Raspian OS and things seem to be working better

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