Cannot use Herborist tool because PyQt4 cannot be downloaded

The install instructions are a bit confusing and seem a little out-dated…when I get to installing the scanning software in the GitHub repo “Assembly Guide > Addressing Dynamixel” it says that Herborist is installed in the user’s PATH if they installed it using the script (otherwise, the user can access the script via the folder in $PYPOT_SRC/pypot/tools/herborist ).

Another thing the user needs to run Herborist is PyQt4…BUT YOU CANNOT simply sudo pip install pyqt4 …PyQt4 requires SIP, which is provided as a source distribution and binary wheels from PyPi. The online resource (above) says to download sip via pip install sip , however, this does not work since the sip module requires Python 3.5+…I’m using Python 2.7 as per the explicit recommendation from the guide…

How am I suppose to access Herborist???

I also connected to my Odroid-XU4 via ssh odroid@<IP_address> and then ssh poppy@poppy.local . It’s connected to the internet via ethernet-to-router (my local computer is also connected to the same router).

I plugged a mouse, a keyboard, and a monitor into my Odroid, but I still cannot open poppy.local in a Chrome browser from the Odroid. I can connect from my local computer’s browser, but even then there are problems because I still can’t access the Snap! server or the Jupyter Notebook server.

I have followed the installation guide for a tangible robot using the install scripts for an Odroid-XU4 (using a microSD as the boot drive) at least a dozen times now. I’ve also followed the instructions for downloading Poppy Software (Poppy Humanoid) onto my laptop (Ubuntu 18.04) using both methods - 1) using Anaconda2 / Miniconda2 and 2) via source (in separate tries and not at the same time). I’ve written down every step I’ve taken.

Hello @ikay13, yes these instructions and software are being outdated. We’re currently preparing a software and hardware update for the Raspberry Pi 4. In peculiar, we’re switching to virtual environments instead of anaconda that is a bit tricky to debug. However the odroid will no longer be supported, since the new packages are made for RPI4. Have you made progress with your issues?

@ikay13 You can now install Herborist relying on pyqt5 and python3 with pip install herborist