Binaural hearing for Robots


I just recently noticed the MOOC about “Binaural hearing for Robots” on the FUN plateform :

Binaural hearing for Robots picture

Despite published under CC-BY-NC-ND license, the material of this course isn’t available as the course is finished and registering afterwhile is not possible.

Did someone here participate to this course and has still access to it ?
Would it be possible without infringment to share its material ?

I’m particularly interested on sound-source localization these days :blush:

sound localization sensor with arduino

the problem is more to get clean sound in noisy environment, than to analyze it.
for example you can use bandpass filter to keep only a few frenquencies.
I have see demo of Nao robot in supermarket hall were robot was totally useless because the heavy noisy background.

I subscribed to this courses, but had then absolutely no time to follow them. Though, I can access the MOOC archives; but because of the FUN platform policy, I guess the best would be to directly contact the author of this MOOC.

I also found this hashtag if of any help: #moocrobothearing