[Assembly tips] Correct alignement between Dynamixels and 3D printed parts

As you should take care of the alignement when you put the horn on the Dynamixel motor shaft (see this topic), you should pay attention when you attach the 3D printed parts on the horn.

The zero position has to be correctly aligned with the part to ensure both a good range of motion and the compatibility with the pypot robot configuration. To do so, I have added a tip directly on the part. If you look around the horn fixation, you will see 3 dots.

Here the example with the left thigh:

To ensure a correct assembly, you just have to align these 3 dots with the ones on the Robotis horn.
Here the example with the knee:

Also, you will see that these marks are only present on one side of the part. In this way, it indicates also the correct orientation of the motor i.e. on which side should be put the main horn of the Dynamixel motor.

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