Addition of Reading of New Registers in Dynamixel IO (DxlIO Class)


The dynamixel MX-64 supports reading of current values and this can help in calculating the values of current torque using the Dynamixel MX-64 Manual :

The dynamixel manual shows that the registers for reading current are :
0x44 - Lowest Byte of Consuming Current
0x45 - Highest Byte of Consuming Current

Using these values and a conversation given in the Dynamixel manual along with the graph, one can calculate the realtime current consumption and motor torque which could be extremely useful.

The DxlIO class does not include any function to get current values/ torque values from the MX-64.

To include a function/class to get current readings from the register, which files in pypot should be edited ?

Thanks in Advance.

You can find more information on pypot architecture here.

Do not hesitate to make a pull request when you have added those registers!