3D printing sub-contractor

I wanted to know which subcontractor made the 3D printed parts of Poppy (in Flowers). Thanks.
Moreover, I know Sculpteo, but do you know other interesting 3D printers ?

We use i.materialise or Sculpteo. Both are very good.

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I was told about another 3D printing subcontractor :

For example, for the head face of Poppy in white using powder laser :
Sculpteo : 80.85€
Shapeways : 31.80€ (35.85$)

It seems quite interesting.

The last time we tried shapeways, the polyamide properties were not the same as sculpteo/i.materialise. It is way more flexible. For our applications, it was not a good property.

But you can try again, it may be different or better now.

As anyone tried MeltWerk ?

It seems to be way cheaper than the others, but we need to test the quality of the service. It is based in Germany.

I used the 3yourmind onshape app to compare and MeltWerk was systematically first. Comparing tool also available at https://www.3yourmind.com/

Yes indeed, it is 2 or 3 times cheaper !