The Poppy drone - modular fiber glass drone

The Poppy drone is on his way, it is printing now !!
Poppy drone for Phoenix on On shape
The objective is to make an hybrid 3D printed drone.
Hybrid because a drone dimension is 35cm wide and printing such length is not very usefull.
Inspired from “kite technology” the objective is to build the drone around a glass fiber skeleton. You just have to print the links or modules mounted on fiber glasses. The drone is then modular.
For information, it is under development and will embed Raspberry Pi 3 with ROS Jade.
This drone will dance in the contemporary dance piece “Phoenix” by Shonen Company.

Under construction :slight_smile:

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Shape is coming :


Thrust tests…

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Thrust tests - double crash


ça va ? pas trop mal ? :wink:
joli projet en tout cas.

Je me suis bien râpé un genou… Mais il faut s’investir quelque fois :wink: