Poppy's Mobility and Minimum Torque required

I have a question about Poppy’s mobility, can this design walk balanced without any external assistance, and if that is possible what is the minimum torque needed for the servo motors.

Until now, we did not see any example of achieving a walking behavior without external assistance.

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The entry barrier of high cost deter interested people to join the development. I personally think a mini-sized Biped Poppy with cheapest smart motors can help bring more people in. Also, the height of the full sized Poppy make it more hard to code the walking program.

If you are interested in a smaller humanoid, you can have a look at the following projects:

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The taller the robot COG is, the slower the robot fall. It is the dynamic of the inverse pendulum. Also the natural frequency of the structure is smaller. If you want to explore dynamic walking, these parameters help.

But if you just want a walking robot, you may find it easier on a small one.