PIXL4 on a Raspberry Pi Zero W

Hi all,

I discovered Poppy at Cern Open Days this weekend and decided to build one for my kids.
As I have a spare Raspberry Pi zero W, I wonder if anyone tried (and succeed) to use pi zero with Pixl4 to drive Poppy ?

Pinout seems to be the same but cpu is an ARMv6z (instead of ARMV8 on recommended Model 2 and 3)…

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I never tried I don’t have the time, but if you have one it worth doing it, and it will probably work (but I don’t know how fast).
The issue is that we use conda packages that have built for armv7. You may build all of them for ARMv6, or use system packages and build yourself OpenCV for that RaspberryPi.

Thank you Theo for your answer.

I’m not really familiar with Conda but it seems that the starting point is BerryConda which is compatible with armv6 (miniconda, used by Raspoppy supports only armv7 and more).

The rpi Conda channels contains a lot of Poppy prerequisites compiled for armv6 (Jupyter, OpenCV etc.). So only a few packages are missing.

=> Is there a repository with conda recipes for packages published in the Poppy Conda channel ?

Poppy seems to use a mix of Python 2 and Python 3 packages … it may be another level of difficulty.

Same question about Pixl and Raspberry Pi 4?