Pictures of the Poppy Project

We have put all pictures we have about the Poppy project on a Flickr account.

All photos I have taken are under Creative Commons BY-SA, so feel free to use them :wink:


Is it possible to share some photos with you?
For exemple, I have some pictures of the MixTeen event with Poppy (@ribas and @juju)

Sure, maybe you can open a flickfr account and give the link ? Is it possible to see the video of the mix-it event ?

I have a flickr account but it has been less and less easy to use.
I had a pro account for years and I let it go last year.
The Mixteen photos are on Google Photo but I’ll share on Flickr too. The best way will be to use a common Poppy Group.
I saw a post about it but the group was not available yesterday.

Yes you can, there is a Flickr group to do this:

But it seems you already did it.

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