Why not set up a place to share photos?

There are were official illustrations available on the poppy website. However, there is only our photos and then only the professional ones.

I have dozens of great and funny pictures taken during the artist residency. There is also a lot of picture taken at IROS2013, innorobo and la cité des sciences. Yet these pictures are too numerous to be put on the poppy website and not enough well-done to be listed as illustrations for media (press). But they reflect well both the experience of working with Poppy and the making of.

If you are agree with sharing more photos, I think we would need at least a place with:

  • album: to group by project, e.g. innorobo2104, Etres et Numérique
  • sharing album: so other people can append their album to the poppy account, e.g. cité des sciences
  • a famous platform: to not move community to an exotic webservice

I think we can do all of this with Flickr but I only know this webservice so I cannot really compare …

Another alternative is to use a social network and tag poppy.

Very good idea. Maybe it would be useful that people can also upload and gather videos?
In that case, Flicker is maybe not ideal.
Also, being able to send directly photos taken with the smartphone would be useful.
On Flickr you can upload photos fast with the telephone, but only on your account, no ?
Maybe the idea of using a social media is useful if there are tools to automatically build a web page gathering all photos and videos with the Poppy tag.

I really like the idea too! Sharing videos would also be quite nice actually.
As @oudeyer said, I think that having people outside of the team able to upload their picture would be a big plus.
I don’t really know any good solution (I’m personally using apple cloud, no one is perfect :)). I know some big flickr user I’ll ask details about this solution. Dropbox also tried to provide this functionality but I did not really investigate it.
@omangin Both approches can be easily combined, no?

@Pierre, @oudeyer

having people outside of the team able to upload their picture would be a big plus

It’s what I meant by “shared album”, in the sens the same album can be displayed both on the poppy account and the other people account. I think people like universcience would prefer to keep picture on their account than uploading on our one. It is just necessary “to link” the two project.

This being said, my comment does not provide any solution :slight_smile:

I like the idea of letting people sharing their pictures/videos.

I will do short (more details below about some thoughts I have)…

1- We could open a poppy flickr account? a vimeo or youtube channel?
2 -On the poppy forum, we can set a new category where members can post a message including a link to their videos and pictures (USE CASE, PICTURE/VIDEOS, the name has to be found! )
3- We monitor at the forum and grab the best picture and videos. We promote them on our main website?

What do you think of this proposition?

** /// more details in my mind (you are not forced to read it)**

Advanced proposition:

on top of this “infrastructure” you can create an EVENTIFIER portal. EVENTIFIER allows you to create a single page where are resumed all the pictures, the videos, the events, the tweets on a single page. The page is created automatically (you have to give HASTAGS, etc). Here is an exemple: http://www.eventifier.info/event/nuitinfo/popular

Note that this portal can be done (and should be done) LATER… in several weeks when we will have more content to share :slight_smile:

  • other thoughts…

1- Open sharing pictures mean that people publish videos and pictures with the poppy TAG into the metadata ?
2- They have a generic account (on flickr for instance), they publish picture on the central POPPY picture repository (flickr) ?
3- This makes me think of an old discussion we had with Matthieu about promoting on poppy website other poppy projects (made by beta tester, they have an account on poppy wiki platform and publish by themselves their data, it gives them a privilege compared to the rest of the community).

The question -3- is thus:

  • do you want a large/open shared picture/video place?
  • do you want to authorized only the beta tester to publish and thus make them in prior more visible.
  • do you want a mixture?

Be aware, that I am not against the shared picture place, I love it but I am wondering about the beta tester… ?

In the past, we looked at the cycling74.com website (MAXFORLIVE) and we thought that this kind of website was the one we wanted: a place where poppy is presented and people with good projects can published photos, codes, etc.

Eventifier seems to provide the functionality we need for a web page where everyone at large can post and share photos and videos about Poppy. But it is quite expensive. Anyone knows a free alternative ?
Aggregating content from only Twitter would already be great.

(Possible problem though: Poppy is often mentioned in tweets with photos of other robots. How to we manage this? Would be nice that the aggregator allows manuel editing)

Sorry, I do quick before leaving for the hospital. I have another good idea :wink:

USE the wenbsite PINTEREST -> I use it for fossa and other stuff and It let people put on on page all information, pictures, videos of projects. I guess pinterest is a better place for everyone to share their pictures, etc.

A+ (enfin non ! )

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Pinterest seems indeed quite nice. We could begin a little experiment using it.

The only limitation I see to pinterest is the fact that people need to create an account to post pictures. On the other hand the forum can be used as a proxy for those who do not want to create a pinterest account.

Another service seems interesting and worth making an experiment: https://www.rebelmouse.com
The freemium access might be enough.

I tried it. It seems more a content aggregator. You can link tweet, facebook post, instagram picture but also blog post from any website, example: https://www.rebelmouse.com/tim/

It can be a good solution to display a press section but I am not sure it is adapted for a common place to share picture.

I’m bringing this post up, working on my necromancer skills.

Has any answer been found in that 2 years gap?

We have a flickr now

The occicial Poppy project Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/poppy-project

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