Installation - Alive Machine - "Creature Artificelle"

In the frame of the new association in Toulouse Caliban Midi, we are creating a new piece of art which is an alive machine.
we are two co-creators :

  • Manon Schnetzler is an designer and things hacker studyinf the relationship between human and machines, how the one influes the other.
  • Thomas Peyruse, me, as a roboticist working with Poppy and drones for stage.

Manon and I met to build a giant puppet which video is here
We then worked about installation and wire robotics. This experience was very difficult but very challenging. The relationship between a human and a suspended robot was very unique.
Therefore, Manon and me decided to work together to make our own piece of art we named Creature Artificelle (no error, it is artiFICELLE)
The challenge here is to question what is life, to make something blur so that we question the definition of life.
The “Creature Artificelle” is a giant suspended shape, held by several motors (winches) in relationship with the audience as if it was alive.
This piece of art is also a bench to test artificial intelligence sciences such as deep learning, simple neural network, composition of gestures and, of course, curiosity driven robotics.
We just did our first step with a small version (60cm60cm60cm cube) in interaction with audience during the fablab festival.

We were helped by :
KONEXinc company
HEPHAISTOS INRIA Sofia-Antipolis Lab
FLOWERS Lab (of course :wink: )
The choregrapher Jean Marc Matos who wants to create a dance show with our “monster”
Science Animation and Quai des Savoirs, to have a place to work during 3 weeks
The Fablab Artilect of Toulouse, for having a stand and many many others things.

The next gate of this project is the show EXPERIMENTA in Grenoble at the end of February 2017. We are are now looking for partnership with labs and companies for sponsoring and hardware sponsoring so that we can develop a special activity : making art with searchers :slight_smile:

If you are interested, please contact me.


News from the project, we did a first test on stage with performers :slightly_smiling_face: