Controlling Ergo Jr with own primitive

I have the Ergo Jr assembled and the built in functions such as dance and pose from the monitor and control tab on poppy.local work fine. I want to use Python to add my own code to make it do other things. How do I create new actions for the Ergo Jr? Do I add them to the ergojr source folders which contain the built-in actions? Or do I need to run them through the Python notebook? The documentation on the Poppy website hasn’t been much help.


hey @nbh,

I’m note sure to understand your question.

but, it’s true that the documentation for created a new functions (a primittive) such as ‘dance’ is not very clear…

I’m work to improve this part, but I have no time for that :confused:

here is a notebook to explain how create and add a primitive. how-to_Primitive.ipynb (37.2 KB)

I’m sorry, because this notebook is actualy in french… actualy this notebook are just a draft …

Moreover, you can find other doc about that: e.g