Control the Poppy with keyboard, help please!

Hello, does anyone has created a program where you can control each motor of the poppy with the keyboard ?

Not with a keyboard, but with a web interface:

On the Raspberry Pi, launch:

  • git clone
  • cd atlas-python
  • sudo python ErgoJr

and open the displayed URL in a web browser.


May be the project poppy-robot-client described here could help, or seems to fit your needs. Note it is based on node.js/javascript but accessible without any particular skill about it (see documentation on github).

Next to this project, this repo contains an example named ’ Key Driven Poppy’ that binds the motors, with keyboard allowing to basically select and drive them in rotation.

This example is set for a Poppy Ergo Jr (motors are bound with key from 1 to 6…) but you can easily:

  • Configure the poppy-robot-client to any configuration, then to other poppy robot,

  • Easily configure the ‘Key driven poppy’ example to your needs with few changes to access other motor registers.