What Python IDE do you use?

I am looking for a good IDE for Python. Which one do you use ?

I’ve tried quite a few in the past years, all have their pros and cons:

  • Emacs
  • Eclipse
  • SublimeText
  • and even Xcode…

I’ve recently switched to ATOM and I’m happy so far. You can find some useful packages for Python:

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I concur with Pierre (I use Emacs with jedi and autocomplete).
Here are some others (not free)


And free ones:

I’m using pycharm. It’s not free when you’re running it on windows (it close every 30 minutes) but is limitless on linux. As i think python is easier to use on a linux environnement (packages are easier to add) every time i’m developping on python i do it in a virtul machine with linux. And it’s just perfect…

It has step by step features, autocomplete and project management.

Thanks Arnaud, PyCharm won! It is really a good software.
I agree with you Linux is powerful to code but concerning software installation, sometimes, it is ridiculously complex. (You need this and that to install but to get that you need also this…) At the end, you need a paper :slight_smile:

I suppose you’re talking about ruby or java that are sometimes hard ?

With Ubuntu which is Debian based, you just need to use sudo apt-get install python to install python… that’s all… Ubuntu take car of dependencies for you.

pycharm is a little bit harder because you need to download it from website and launch the installer (but that’s it)

I feel python is reeeeeeeaaallly easier to install on linux than windows.

Of course if you try to install it manually you’re going to cry but with apt…

For those who don’t know apt. Install ubuntu.

sudo apt-cache search [what you’re looking for… like python, pysvn, etc…]
after you’ve found the package you’re looking for :
sudo apt-get install [package name]

then ubuntu will install package and dependendies

Et voilà…

I am installing Pycharm on my Mac :slight_smile: the opensource edition :slight_smile:

Sorry, I returned on Windows finally and use Notepad++ for the moment.
I am used with it.
Maybe I will return on Linux but I want to see until where I can go only with Windows.

I installed pycharm but I found it quite heavy in the end, on top of that I had issues with PYTHON PATH :slight_smile:
so now I am now testing ATOM. normally I use a TERM and GEDIT :slight_smile: shame on me…

@Pierre Do you know TigerJython? http://jython.tobiaskohn.ch

Seems to be tailored for users who are new to programming: easy to install and use, easy debugging tools.
Compatible with PyPot?

We can also consider Spyder. https://code.google.com/p/spyderlib/

It is open source so we should be able to include the pypot library.

Those are eclipse-like software right? I’ve used this kind of software in university but I’m not so familiar with them. It could be a good idea to provide a “poppy” plugin with all libraries needed already packaged. Yet, it will only be useful for people willing to use these softwares.

Another issue is that they are often quite heavy and thus not always adapted to the old computer in school (I’ve really good memories of starting eclipse then going for a 5min coffee with my classmates back at university).

The point of TigerJython is to be NOT LIKE Eclipse, i.e. light and only with the simple features. Now, this must be tested in practice to see whether it makes sense or not for the Poppy environment.

I’m using Spyder, and so far, I really like it. But, I’m use to using Quick Basic, Basic, Power Basic, Java, and HTML. So, I’ve got to cram for the exam as it were. I got half way through my first textbook in programming in Python today but, I just opened that book yesterday. I find that I recognize everything but, stumbling around context, what to or not to capitalize and just zipping through commands that are new too me but, just as unique and different as Power Basic was compared to Quick Basic. It’s touchy in it’s own way and every language has it’s differences and to really go through all of them and digest it, is really just to force feed myself the stuff running it for awhile.

I get the ebooks so that I can have adobe reader read it aloud, and just stop at the assignments, do that and uncover what python wants. I’ll take this up with Python. I’ve been working toward OpenCV. There is no real other language that I can find that has a suite like that for Machine Vision.

Je pensais que tu étais Vim. Si Emacs ne t’a pas convaincu, peut-être devrais-tu l’essayer.

J’utilise Emacs-nox à travers Xterm dans Ratpoison.
Ça donne un outil suffisament puissant, léger, libre et fonctionnel dans un envirronement ou l’espace est maximisé.

I forgot to say here that I finally use Spyder as environment. There is all I need:

  • good editor
  • looks like Matlab
  • ability to reset the console
  • In-line documentation
  • Project management
  • Perfectly integrated in Python(x,y) distribution