Poppy First Person View

I work for another art project dealing with “immersion” in dance (again with Shonen). The challenge is to feel as if you were inside someone else… or something else. I am investigating about First Person View technologies.
Of course I saw a lot of things about drone FPV racing with a lot of already existing solutions but I am looking for low cost solution.
The first point is FPV googles for sight. Did you already try any Virtual Reality googles ? Did you already tried the Google CardBoard to use an IPhone or Android as a VR ?

Once I have this, I already did with a Raspberry Pi 2 a Flask server managing open cv connected webcam (the webcam of Poppy)
I can place this webcam on the head of a person or inside Poppy’s head to live a Poppy life :slight_smile:
It may be also interesting to live an ergo junior life.

I share it here because I think it can be an interesting pedagogic project to learn motion, image processing, network and web.


Here will be the code.

I finally decided to use the Linux software “motion” which emulates an IP camera for video streaming and videosurveillance.
Here is a photo of the system used with disabled persons viewing what a dancer sees.
Trying this system is special since you see what another sees… like your body. It is another type of consciousness. When the camera holder touches you, it is really really weird also.

I use the Poppy wide angle cam.



News :
L’âge d’or


pour information, voici le lien vers le court-métrage “L’âge d’or” de la compagnie Shonen. La caméra utilisée est celle de Poppy :slight_smile:


Bon visionnage

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