Mx-28 firmware issues, How to downgrade to protocol V1.0

I have no ide how to control my motor (MX-28) I thought that it was a good idea buy OPEN CM 485 Exp Board for update MX-28’s controller with R+ Manager, I did it (update Protocol v2.0), but the problem was that I did my program on ROBOTIS_OPENCM.exe so now I can´t control my motor, I guess the previuos controller it was compatible with that program, but now I don´t now what I can do!
Do you know If I can update the Protocol v1.0 again?
Or if there is possible update ROBOTIS_OPENCM.exe or add a package for controlling my motor?

To downgrade to protocol V1.0, I advise you to follow this link :

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Thanks for your help, but this link it’s broken.
I guess If I want to update v1.0 I need to use USB2Dynamixel, right?

but is broken on robotis website too :confused:

The Robotis site has changed but the roboplus software 1.1.3 is not deleted. It is available here :

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Download dynamixel wizard and connect each motor and reset it

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