Meeting other members

I live in Seattle in the USA, but also spend time in France, primarily Montpellier. I would like to meet other members and see a working Poppy. I will be in Montpellier between May 1st and June 8th, 2015 and will have a car or can take the train to a neighboring cities. I read French, and my wife speaks French.

Raleigh Roark

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Hi Raleigh,

Indeed it would be nice to have Poppy user meetings. We are several Poppy users in Bordeaux, but it is a bit far from Montpellier. Maybe there are some people in Toulouse ?

@Matthieu We should have a map of all Poppys on the website !!

For information, the 9th and 10th May, there is a Fablab Festival in Toulouse, I will present Poppy during this festival. I think it is a good way to meet Poppy. If you go there, do not hesitate to contact me.

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for sure, do you have an idea how to it easily ?

I’ve been playing a bit with an old map that was used by Fait Main. It’s based on Open Street Map and it’s easily hackable :

To add a Poppy on the map, you just have to add your GPS localisation on this poppy.js file :


We also had this using geojson:

But your solution looks great, I’m ok to use it.

Is it possible to embed it on our website ?

Hi @daweeed Seems very nice indeed. But is there a way to add a Poppy without a GitHub account?
I am thinking in the future we might have several kinds of location on the map, not only tracking Poppy Humanoid robots, but other Poppy robots, or users of the simulator, or for e.g. teachers using a Poppy platform lended to them (and these will sign in Github with low probability).

To embed it, a simple iframe would do the trick I guess, just go ahead :



Thanks for pointing me the .geojson solution I haven’t seen before. I should have searched better in the forum. Anyhow, the geojson seems prettily well handled directly in github. It might also a good solution. I’ll dig that.

I agree with your point @oudeyer.

Indeed, the map just needs a structured js file. We just need to have a way to be able do modify this file easily (eg : via a google spreadsheet). The informations displayed are just a bit of styling of the original data.

That said, I think it’s different to map the poppy creatures and to map the different users (even if it’s heavily linked it aims different goals).
Anyway, I think it’s a good idea. To map the different users, couldn’t it start by the forum members?