Innorobo conference, Lyon, France: anyone going there?

Hello Poppy team and community,

I guess that Poppy team will be the Innorobo conference in Lyon (France) from the 18 to 20 march.

I will be present during fews days…
Anyone else is going?
We could meet and talk and drink :wink:

I’ll be there with Poppy!

I’ll be there too but only one day (most probably the first one)!

If I’ll find how pay the travel ticket and the 3 days tickets … I’ll be there.
For the 3 days living there … It’s not a trouble … but the 3 days are not all public so the ticket is not easy to get … and I live in Corsica … that is not the next doors :-/

I will be there the first day.

Quick debrief from Innorobo

Day #1

We met the officials for the inauguration of the event (Gérard Collomb, Bruno Bonnell…)
They were quite impressed…

A lot of press contacts during the day, from tv, newspapers and websites and a lot of questions from professionals.
The open source aspect of the project was really an interesting point for a lot of visitors.

Day #2

Biggest day! Still a lot a people on the morning, great success for Poppy which began the “famous Poppy”.
On the afternoon absolutely no respite until 8pm as the show was open to the public…

Students from the Lycée Raoul Follereau came from Nevers specially to visit us and see Poppy:

A lot of students interrested in robotics and families discovering robots, a never ending crowd around Poppy.
Poppy was clearly one of the stars of the show, at the point we had visits of several groups of curious engineers from our friends Aldebaran :smile:

Day #3

A slightly quiter day. Some students interested by the project and asking about the research. Some of them were looking for an internship, so maybe future colleagues?

We also met people from different Fablabs and people interested in using robots in education.
We even met some investors asking to see our “product”.

At last, we managed to organize with our friends from Cibedroid, a group photo of all the humanoids.
It was not an easy task to assemble Romeo, Reem-C and iCub without a fight but no one was injured during the process :smile:

Quite a big event indeed…


Innorobo was a great success. Lot of visitors, lot of contacts and press releases. Poppy is event more famous than we thought.

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