IK with Ergo Jr problem


I have two issues regarding the use of IK (using the underlying ikpy library built in the robot), which are:

  1. It always attempts to reach its destination with the gripper closed. I imagine this must be something directly tied to the optimisation used by the library… but I was wondering if maybe there was something else that I could do. I tried both accurate and not accurate results and in both cases it tries to get there with the gripper closed.

  2. After sending a goal (and closing the gripper), the end effector’s motor (m6) gets “stuck” processing the motion and afterwards it does not respond to other commands sent to it directly. For example, I set the goal to an (x y z) position and then I want it to open the gripper so as to grab an object, but it doesn’t respond well.

I’m not really sure where to look at with the second issue… I’m guessing it is still related to something with the library but I don’t know how to stop the motion… (the parameter to wait for the motion to complete is set to false).

Thanks in advance!