Help with which servos to use for project

Good afternoon, I was wondering if you could help me brainstorm a bit. For a project that is swiftly approaching the due date, my group and I were looking to have our poppy torso do two to three lifting exercises such as a bicep curl, lateral raise and overhead press with a very lightweight pvc pipe. Being that we do not need any feedback, we just want it to be demonstrated (I have completed the web simulator already), I was wondering what you think would be the best way to handle the servos and costs. We wouldnt need as extensive of properties as dynamixel offers and we could really save the money. we would not mind applying additional mechanical design if needed (If we have to get a less expensive servo and create parts to allow fitting) but I want to be sure of the best possible route to take. If we can eliminate how many servos (we do not need the chest to move nor the torso itself, just the arms (shoulder and elbow)) that would be great too. Eventually I would like to further the project with visual and force feedback however for right now, it is far fetched. Please help at your earliest convenience.

Hi @leleates and welcome on the forum!

The following topics should help refine your search for servos:

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You could try basing your poppy torso on the Poppy Seed - a low cost version of the Poppy humanoid, which uses dynamixel xl-320 servos rather than the more expensive models used on the full size Poppy.


Yes, that has been my focus for the last few days. I am also trying to figure out if there is a web interface I can connect to such as VREP to send the functions directly to the robot as opposed to having an arduino board. I hope the poppy-seed is included in the poppy creature additions to VREP.

Heres another solution using LX-16A servos. I just started working on this. Comments and feedback are apreciated.